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Shenzhen Ganten Food & Beverage Co. was established in 1992, which specializes in production and sales of bottled/barrelled water. Since established, Ganten always persists the concept of quality first and meticulous service. The company spirit “professional, sincere, efficient” wins customer’s recognizing, industry canonization and consumers’ appraise. Ganten has established 6 companies and production base, owning first-class workshop, 28 most advanced production lines. The powerful technology and fund is recognized in drinking water industry. Its slaes network covers all over China and its products also are exported to Hongkong, Macau, Canada, Singapore, USA, Russia, Philippines, South Africa and Marshall Island, etc.
Projects with Newamstar
Luofushan Plant 30,000BPH Water Filling Line 5Lines
    36,000BPH Water Filling Line 1Lines
    24,000BPH Bottle Rinser 2Units
Fujian Plant 5,000BPH (4.6L) Water Filling Line 1Lines
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