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China Resources means "the great land of China, endowed with abundant natural resources".
The history of China Resources can be traced back to as early as 1938 when Liow & Company was established in Hong Kong. It was renamed China Resources Company in 1948 and restructured and incorporated under China Resources (Holdings) Co., Ltd. in 1983. In the same year, it relocated to its current headquarters in the China Resources Building on 26 Harbour Road, Wanchai of Hong Kong.
Rooted in Hong Kong for over a half century, China Resources has been committed to fostering a better future by observing the proactive and human-oriented ideal. With efforts of many years, China Resources has been grown continuously and established a good business reputation. In over half a century's business in Hong Kong, China Resources has established a strong reputation based on its proactive business strategies, an open corporate culture and a commitment to fostering a better future.
Today, it is one of the leading conglomerates in Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland, with assets totaling around HK$ 240 billion and turnover totaling over HK$ 110 billion. China Resources' businesses touch every facet of people's lives. Its core businesses cover retail, power, breweries, real estate, food, medicine, textiles, chemical products, gas, compressor etc.
Moving forward, the company will further develop its core businesses in the Chinese Mainland with Hong Kong as base, striving to become the market leader in each industry. The success of its core businesses will stimulate the further growth of the entire company and create a broader development space.
Projects with Newamstar
C’estbon (Shenzhen) 30,000BPH Water Filling Line 1 Line
C’estbon (Jiangmen) 36,000BPH Water Filling Line 2 Line
C’estbon (Chengdu) 30,000BPH Water Filling Line 1 Line
C’estbon (Changsha, Contract Bottler) 36,000BPH Water Filling Line 1 Line
C’estbon (Liyang, Contract Bottler) 15,000BPH Water Filling Line 1 Line
Other Plants Palletizing System 17 Sets
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