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Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co.
  Wahaha Group
Founded in 1964, Otsuka Pharmaceutical is a healthcare company with the mission statement: “Otsuka - people creating new products for better health worldwide.” Otsuka Pharmaceutical researches, develops, manufactures and markets innovative products, focusing its core businesses on pharmaceutical products for “Disease treatment pharmaceuticals-related filed” and “Daily health Nutraceuticals-related field”. Otsuka Pharmaceutical is committed to sustaining high ethical standards and a dynamic corporate culture, working in harmony with local communities and the environment, thus becoming a "global enterprise with value creation." Now, the Otsuka Group includes Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (referred to as Otsuka Pharmaceutical) and other relating corporations consisting of more than 150 companies and 39,000 employees in 25 countries.
Projects with Newamstar
Jiangmen Plant 20,000BPH Ultra-clean Filling Line 1 Line
Tianjin Plant 20,000BPH Ultra-clean Filling Line 1 Line
Saga Plant (Japan) 24,000BPH Aseptic Filling Line 2 Line
Takasaki Plant (Japan) 24,000BPH Aseptic Filling Line 2 Line
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