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Newamstar is committed to providing comprehensive personnel training plan, which ensures the correct operation of field personnel, improves maintenance quality and handling failure ability, reduces stop time utmost and improve equipment efficiency.

Our training service:
On-line and field training
Personalized technology training
Evaluation and solution

On-line and field training
On-line, field and on the job training
Our training content includes function and structure theory, process program, debugging, maintenance and other courses. Also, we provide network, field and off the job and many other kinds of training methods and it can be customized according to field employee's need, skill and specific requirement.

Training resource
Diverse training methods make customers choose according to their own
Multilevel and rich training teaching materials make teaching individualized according to customer requirement.
Experienced designers and engineer's combination makes the high effect of training.

Personalized technology training

How to improve production line efficiency?
How to reduce production resource consumption?
"Customized training", Newamstar training engineers and factory managers set accurate and individual training content together to improve field operators' technique quickly.

Evaluation and solution

Newamstar is committed to provide comprehensive solution for customers, and the good running of production line needs employee to realize. As field personnel technique plays a decisive role in equipment stable running and production efficiency, we aim to help customer improve personnel technique, regularly arrange experienced service engineer to stay in customer site, evaluate personnel technique, and make (training) solutions according to evaluation. Through training, employee will improve production line efficiency to a new level. Field personnel can inspect and clean of fault quickly, which reduce stop time utmost and substantially improve working efficiency.


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