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  Grenier automatique

Intelligent stereoscopic warehouse system can complete accessing unit goods automatically under the control of computer system, and realize the rationalization of high rise setting in stereoscopic warehouse by the cooperation of automation storage device and computer management system, so as to reduce mistakes, make goods accessing fast, and improve working efficiency; increase space utilization , reduce repertory and save land investment cost; reduce labor intensity, improve working environment, and reduce labor cost; optimize the whole system and improve production efficiency and modernization management level. At the same time, improve customer satisfaction and make food safety to be traced fast and reliably.

The system can not only be upgraded in present warehouse to operate independently, but also combine with packing production line.


System composition

Goods transition and storage – high rise shelf, tray and container.

Check in & out device – palletizer.

Check in & out distribution system – roller and chain conveyor, distributing vehicle, lifter, etc.

WCS control system – includes check in-out device controlled by computer, distribution system, various kinds of inspection and safety device controlled by electricity.
WMS warehouse management system – warehouse account management, data analyzing, goods site arrangement, device operation and warehouse storage display, etc.

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