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The working efficiency of the production line is affected by the configuration of the conveyor system. The short –time stop of the downstream equipment should be considered for the conveyor configuration. For example, while changing label, it can’t affect the front equipment. At the same time, the after equipment should be joined well to achieve higher efficiency of the complete line. Newamstar’s conveyor system gives full attention to customer’s investment and production line’s efficiency by introducing abroad advanced technology. The mechanical structure design is brand new. Most parts adopt punch or bend forming with advantages of good hardness, light weight and good exchange. The transmission is reliable and easy for maintenance and can handleφ40~φ110 mm bottles.
Pressureless conveying system enables bottles in sports state on the multi conveying lines to become single line by real-time speed singal collection and feedback and automatic variable speed control system. The electric control system adopts PLC to control the running of filled bottle buffer system, to realize the automatic speed accelerating or buffering.

Technical features
The conveying is stable and reliable, adopting bottle conveyor and main machine have synchronous track and control or online control with upstream and downstream equipment to make bottles no falling, no block and no congestion during the conveying process. According to customer’s requirement, buffering table can be equipped (buffer time 2-3min ususally) before labeling machine. When change labels, filling machine does not need to stop for waiting, and the filled products will be stored on the buffering table. After label changing finishes, the labeling machine runs at higher speed to clear the bottles on the table and then return to synchronous production speed.
The conveyor structure adopts modular design with strong parts interchangeability, little nosie, easy installation and maintenance. It can be designed based on various speed and bottle size with strong flexibility.
Advanced electric control system design can be done according to customer’s layout.
The control switch location can be set according to conveyor layout and customer’s requirement which is convenient for customer to operate.
The main parts are made of stainless steel. Chain is from REXNORD. Motor and gearbox are from international brand. Main electric components are from SIEMENS.

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