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  Newamstar has the exclusive matured medium and high speed PET aseptic cold filling technology in China. The technology has comprehensive adaptability for beverage products.
Aiming at high acid or low acid product, the whole system could achieve the sterilization efficiency 5D or 6D. Wet sterilization technics adopts PAA as disinfectant which is used for sterilization of the bottle and cap after heated. The aseptic zone is realized through isolator. The classified clean room in the machine room is kept through overpressure.
Technical features
Multi rounds disinfectant spraying and cleaning technology to guarantee the safety of technics.
Mechanical type or electronic pulse type nozzle gives attention to both reliability and water saveing function.
Non-contact filling head avoids cross contamination and ensures the safety of microorganism.
Volumetric flowmeter filling valve, accurate and reliable.
Aseptic capper, with self -lubrication ceramics bearing, servo-motor driving could be optional.
The soaking type or liner spraying type cap sterilizer can be chosen.
Automatic inspection, control and data record system take monitoring for all critical points of the production line.
The PET aseptic filling system is composed of the following systems
Disinfectant preparation system 100 Class air purification room
Empty bottle sterilization unit CIP/SIP System for aseptic zone
Cap sterilization unit Waste gas treatment system
Aseptic UHT sterilizer for product Liquid sealing system
UHT sterilizer for sterile water Pure steam generator
CIP/SIP system Liquid nitrogen dosing system
Aseptic isolation system Aseptic 5-in-1 filling monobloc
Aseptic product storage and
constant pressure system
Automatic control system for the
whole line
Sterile compressed air/nitrogen
preparation system
Technical parameter monitor and
record system
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