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1.Cognition and Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
Newamstar Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. provides all services of the website based on these Terms of Service. When you use newamstar website, it means that you have read and understand all terms and conditions, and agreed and accepted hereto. Newamstar will occasionally update these Terms and Conditions of users. We sincerely welcome you to regularly review this Statement to inform whether there is any change. If you do not agree with the content set forth in this agreement, you should immediately stop using services provided by Newamstar Website.

2.Use of Newamstar Websit
All software, pictures, files and edited content published on this website may contain legal notices and copyright information. Every copyrighted material that Newamstar Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. has reserved all rights of shall not be reproduced, posted, transmitted, modified, copied or published in any form without the authorized consent from the Company. You are sure to read and comply with all provisions.

3.Newamstar Trademark Statement
Newamstar trademark has been registered in China.

4.No Responsibility for Errors or Other Inaccuracies
Newamstar Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Newamstar ”) is not responsible for typographic errors or other inaccuracies in the content provided on the Newamstar website. Newamstar intends the information contained in the Newamstar website to be accurate and reliable. However, errors may occasionally occur. Therefore, all information and materials are provided "AS IS" without any warranty of any kind. Newamstar disclaims any warranties, express or implied, regarding any matter whatsoever relating to or referenced by the Newamstar web site, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and noninfringement. newamstar reserves the right to modify the product and service information contained in the Newamstar web site without notifying current or prospective customers. in no event will newamstar be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages arising out of the use of, or payments based on, the information contained in the newamstar website.

5.Links to Other Websites
Newamstar makes no representations whatsoever about any other websites which you may access from the Newamstar website. Because the , linked website is not under the supervision ofNewamstar and Newamstar has no right to interfere in the content of the website, a link to such website or the hyperlink of these linked sites does not mean that Newamstar endorses or accepts any responsibility for the content or use of such website, even if we have expressly been told the damage that may occur, Newamstar assumes no responsibility for anyone.

6.Treatment of Feedback & Responses Provided to Newamstar
Because Newamstar has no willingness to obtain your confidential information through this website, any comments or materials sent to Newamstar, including feedback data, such as questions, comments, suggestions and any other response shall be deemed to be non-confidential. When you send any information or data to Newamstar, which is equivalent to grant Newamstar an unrestricted, irrevocable permission, Newamstar shall be free to use, reproduce, distribute and publicly display such comments and materials without limitation. Newamstar shall have no obligation of any kind with respect to such response. Newamstar shall also be free to use any ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques contained in such response for any purpose whatsoever, including but not limited to developing, manufacturing and marketing products incorporating such ideas, concepts or techniques.

7.Software Available on Newamstar Website
Any software that is made available to download or use from the Newamstar Web Site ("Software") is the copyrighted work of Newamstar, Incorporated and/or its licensors. Use of the Software is subject to the terms and conditions of the license agreement which accompanies or is included with the Software or other applicable license agreement between you (and the entity you represent) and Newamstar Incorporated ("License Agreement"). You must read and accept such License Agreement before you (and the entity you represent) use the Software. Any use, reproduction or distribution of the Software that is not in accordance with the License Agreement is expressly prohibited. The software is warranted, if at all, only according to the terms of the license agreement. Except as warranted in the license agreement, newamstar disclaims in any case, not to assume any warranties for any special, indirect, derivative damage incurred from the caused contract, negligence or other tort litigation relating to use of software on this website or any loss caused by use of software on this website or benefits harvest.

8.Pricing and Availability Information
Pricing and availability as set forth in the Newamstar website are subject to change without notice, and may not be available in all countries. The Newamstar website may contain references to Newamstar products, services and programs that have not been announced in your country. These references do not imply that Newamstar intends to announce or make available such products, services or programs in your country. Further, the Newamstar website may contain references to future planned Newamstar products. Such products are only planned and may not actually be produced. Any planned ship dates mentioned in reference to such future products are estimated ship dates only, and are not guaranteed.

9.Third Party Company and Products
Mention of third party companies and products on the Newamstar website, except as may be expressly stated otherwise or specially stated, is for informational purposes only and constitutes neither an endorsement nor a recommendation. All licenses and warranties, if any take place between you and the third party, and Newamstar does not assume any responsibility.

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