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Newamstar: Water Saving and Protection with You


In the endless river of time, there is the original belief to save water and protect the origin of life. But today, water resource issue has become very serious in China, such as inefficient water use, deficient innate stimulus of water saving, poor water saving facility, and weak water saving ideology etc. Also, water crisis has revived around the world due to higher water resource demand. Based on the common survival necessity, it has become a global consensus to save water and preserve environment together.

As a responsible leading enterprise in liquid packaging machinery industry, Newamstar, from machine design to manufacture, has greatly promoted energy-saving mode, actively implement green development ideal, carefully polished representative products, efficiently integrated advanced production line, ensuring to treasure each drop of water from technology and details. Cherish water resource with the customer, and kindly treat this precious gift from nature. The special promoted production & storage integration intelligent factory solution by Newamstar has made light-weight PET bottle blowing, filling, and capping into one combiblock possible, which can improve self-control and management of packaging, storage, and logistics in liquid beverage products, thus achieving the traceability of food safety and ensuring the quality of food beverage. More importantly, compared to traditional packaging production line, it can save package material by 35%, energy by 20%, water by 35%, land by 65%, and total cost by 20%.

Everyone should shoulder the responsibility of water saving. On the path of digitalization, intelligentalization, and interconnection, Newamstar would bring different service and value to global customers through production & storage integration solution. In joint hands with customer, Newamstar would devote itself to healthy, green, and sustainable development by protecting water environment and avoiding any waste with reasonable water use.

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